About the IFSG

The International Feng Shui Guild is the central source for our members and the greater Feng Shui community, uniting all professional practitioners, educators, students, and friends to embrace and support all perspectives of Feng Shui. Members have the ability to develop new techniques and skills by tapping into vast member-only resources.

We are thankful to be a part of the legacy our founders created, building a powerful and empowering organization on their solid foundation of diversity, passion, and the joy of Feng Shui. Details.

What Makes Us Unique

As a professional non-profit organization, the International Feng Shui Guild mission includes the advancement of Feng Shui, promoting our members, unifying the Feng Shui community, and inspiring public confidence.


Board of Directors – Meet our passionately dedicated International Feng Shui Guild Board of Directors who are graciously committed to volunteering their time and unique talents for the love of Feng Shui and our robust community while successfully managing thriving Feng Shui Schools and busy Professional Practices.


Committees – Our committees bring together the best of the best. International Feng Shui Guild committees work to create opportunities and resources second to none in the field of Feng Shui – for our member consultants, schools, and the public worldwide. In the major areas of Membership, Education, Marketing, and Technology, our committees focus on tasks that specifically enhance the value of membership and the strength of our organization.


Our History – In the International Feng Shui Guild, our history is as important as our present and future. Honoring the diversity of Feng Shui, the IFSG embraces all perspectives as established by our founders. Building on that basic tenet, all that has followed is built on those solid beliefs of our founders.


Our Policies

– From our Privacy Policy that protects our subscribers, members, readers, and friends to our Payment Policies that establish strict protections and standard rules for payments to the IFSG – our focus is on protection and safety. Details


-International Feng Shui Guild Payment Policies help create a successful and safe experience for our members and advertisers. We utilize payment methods that are safe and easy to use with convenient payment options, and offer the strongest protections available. Details