Our Board of Directors

Meet our passionately dedicated International Feng Shui Guild Board of Directors who are all graciously committed to volunteering their time and unique talents for the love of Feng Shui and our robust community while successfully managing thriving Feng Shui Schools and busy Professional Practices. These roles are not paid positions – the Board of Directors gives their time and energy freely and joyfully for the good of the Guild.

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Mia Staysko, Board Chair
 has served on the IFSG Board since 2010, serving as the Education Committee Director, Secretary and Marketing Director. Her previous leadership experience includes 7 years as President of her local community association. A role in which she led the rebuilding of a community hall destroyed by fire as well as the community which held it so dear.

The Board Chair is an Officer of the IFSG responsible for leading the Board; developing and refining Board roles and structures, while maintaining the integrity of all Board functions. The Chair partners with the CEO and with each Board Member for the successful completion of their individual tasks.

I am honoured to have been elected to the position of Board Chair by our esteemed directors, and am so grateful to prior Chair Rosalie Prinzivalli for the structure that she brought to the organization, and the role model that she was during her tenure. Hers will be big shoes to fill. During my term I intend to honour the foundation which she helped to build, while also bringing my own experience and enthusiasm to the position. It is my goal to empower each director to step fully into their individual roles, while working toward the overall objectives of the organization in the coming year. 

Board Participation Years June 2010-September 2017

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Bridget Saraka, CEO
has been a Red Ribbon Professional member of the IFSG since 2010 and has served on the Board since 2011.  As Membership Director, she actively promoted and supported our members with passion and her love of people, heart, and community; and will continue to do so as CEO.  Bridget also brings to her role of CEO an entrepreneurial spirit, neurolinguistic and reiki training, and a variety of Feng Shui-related experience in home construction, re-design, staging, dowsing and colour consulting.

The CEO works in partnership with the Board Chair, and is appointed by and is responsible to the Board of Directors. As leader, visionary, decision maker and manager, the CEO has many responsibilities including:

  • Implementing the strategic plans and policies established by the Board.
  • Managing IFSG operations, human resources, financial and physical resources.
  • Interfacing between the board, our staff and members; and between the IFSG, the Feng Shui community, and other organizations.

As CEO it is my intention to:  work harmoniously with the Board of Directors and our valued members to creatively support and enhance our community; increase professional resources and networking opportunities while enriching the IFSG membership experience; build partnerships with organizations in Feng Shui-related disciplines; and create a bridge of understanding and respect of our profession worldwide. Contact Bridget

Board Participation Years October 2011-January 2019; CEO position February 2013-2019

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Maureen CalamiaMaureen Calamia, Secretary has served on the IFSG Board as Co-Director of Marketing, worked as a marketing consultant for over 20 years and has led projects and served in marketing leadership positions for Fortune 500 clients. She previously served on the Board of Women in Direct Marketing International’s NY Chapter (WDMI) and is currently on the Board of Directors for a local nature education organization in Smithtown, NY.

The Board Secretary is an Officer of the IFSG responsible for creating and maintaining the IFSG information and records including ByLaws, Board Minutes, and Board Resolutions, and assists the Board Chair as needed.

As a board member since 2008, I respectfully step into the role of Secretary on the Executive Committee. With this experience behind me, I will be supporting the board with a solid foundation of the past as I look forward to our unique challenges with an open mind.

Board Participation Years March 2008-September 2018

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Kristi Stangeland, Treasurer informally studied Feng Shui for several years and began formal Feng Shui training with the BTB Feng Shui TM Masters Training Program in 2011 She started FSC in 2011, a company dedicated to helping corporate and private clients realize their goals using Feng Shui practices. Prior to establishing FSC, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, practiced as a CPA with PricewaterhouseCoopers and J.P. Morgan Chase, and built a web site design firm. She has served on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations.

The Treasurer is an Officer of the IFSG, chairs the Finance Committee and is responsible for:
(1) overseeing IFSG finances to ensure its viability
(2) providing regular financial reporting to the Board and an annual report to members
(3) complying with IRS statutes.

As the Treasurer with a background in finance, it is my goal to provide ensure accurate financial reporting for proper financial oversight and to support the Board and the CEO in strategic decision making to enhance the IFSG membership experience.

Board Participation Years February 2013-September 2017

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Tanya Jahnke Tanya Jahnke, Director of the Virtual Chapter served as the Colorado Chapter Manager for 5 years and has been a Red Ribbon Professional of the IFSG since 2007.  Tanya’s passion for inspiring and unifying people from various backgrounds and embracing all schools of Feng Shui, as well as her 18 years of experience as a professional Feng Shui consultant, allow her to deepen the community, wisdom and experience for each member.

The Virtual Chapter Director is responsible for:
(1) Welcoming all new virtual chapter members and ensuring guidelines are understood
(2) Monitoring the virtual chapter environment to ensure guidelines are honored and the IFSG Code of Ethics and Bylaws are upheld in this forum.
(3) Ensuring that all virtual chapter members maintain IFSG membership

As Director of the Virtual Chapter, my intention for 2016 is to increase a sense of community, foster connection and be a source of support and insights for the members of the IFSG Virtual Chapter. I will continue to interview a Red Ribbon professional member each month to be highlighted in our Monthly Membership newsletter and blog. My goal is for the Facebook Virtual Chapter to continue to be one of the most fruitful benefits for each of our members with fascinating discussions, case studies and mutual support.

Contact Tanya

Board Participation Years February 2013-September 2017

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frankiejacksonFrankie Jackson, Marketing Director
 has been an IFSG member since 2012 and is a first time IFSG Board member. Frankie brings to the board 20 years of Operations and Business experience as well as her strong organization skills. Frankie is thrilled about the opportunity of serving as Marketing Director and looks forward to the experiences ahead.

The Marketing Director chairs the Marketing Committee, and is responsible for:
(1) Strategic marketing
(2) Marketing communications, public relations, event marketing
(3) Advertising direction and planning
(4) Monthly public newsletter.

As Marketing Director it is my vision to build upon the work of the previous Marketing Director by growing our presence in the Feng Shui community and therefore increasing our strong community of members.  

Board Participation Years October 2014-September 2017

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susanfeffermanSusan Fefferman, Education Director 
has a background in Business Management with a secondary degree in Interior Design and Master Certifications in Western School & Classical Feng Shui. She trained as an instructor with the International Feng Shui School and traveled to China in 2013 with James and Helen Jay on their FS Immersion Program. Her professional experience includes managing/operating an Accounting firm (with her husband) for 20+ years, prior to starting her own practice. She has been an IFSG Red Ribbon Professional Member since 2007.

The Education Director chairs the Education Committee and is responsible for:
(1) Establishing nationally recognized standards for our professional schools and members
(2) Developing educational resources and ongoing continuing education criteria
(3) Encouraging participation of Feng Shui Schools in support of IFSG principles, standards and Universal Topics
(4) Supporting the Community Engagement Director in offering business education and programs to members.

As Education Director it is my intention to build upon the work of the previous Education Director: encouraging new students to seek qualified educators, advanced students to engage in continuing education, and to challenge professional Feng Shui schools to provide the highest quality of education for their students.

Board Participation Years October 2014-September 2017

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Laura Morris, Community Engagement Director, has been a member of the IFSG since 2012 and served on the Marketing Committee.  Laura has a background in marketing and strategic planning, honed from her years as a Marketing Director at a multi-national publishing company.  While serving on the IFSG Marketing Committee, Laura led the development of the IFSG’s strategic plan outlining the organization’s visions and goals.

The position of Community Engagement Director was created to better serve the IFSG community as a whole.  The responsibilities are:
(1) Engagement: creating deep and meaningful connections within the IFSG community
(2) Support: providing business development support and entrepreneurial guidance
(3) Create Value:  creating and enhancing value for all IFSG members.

As Community Engagement Director, it is my intention to successfully launch this new position and set the foundation for future growth.  I will work to create the highest value for our members by facilitating and supporting deeper connections within the IFSG community.

Board Participation Years January 2015-September 2018

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Lois Kramer Perez Lois Kramer-Perez, Membership Support Director has been an IFSG member and North New Jersey Chapter member since 2003. Lois first served as Treasurer and then as Chapter Manager for the North New Jersey Chapter from 2010 through 2012, prior to becoming a General Board Member of the IFSG. She has organized the North New Jersey Chapter fundraising events, raising funds for Shelter Our Sisters through Feng Shui lectures and organizing biannual volunteering at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

(1) Welcoming all new members; guiding them in creating their directory listing and accessing the many other member benefits
(2) Supporting member retention while ensuring that all members are aware of and taking advantage of all benefits available to them
(3) Working with members to determine potential membership improvements.

As Membership Support Director, my goals are to create ease for all members in the process of joining, renewing and participating in the IFSG . I continue to support the Board of Directors, the members of the of the Guild, and the Feng Shui community promoting public awareness, diversity and value of how Feng Shui contributes to a healthy and abundant lifestyle.

Board Participation Years February 2013-September 2017

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Marina V. Umali, General Board Member is a Red Ribbon Professional member of the IFSG. She is a certified Interior Designer and a Feng Shui Practitioner in the NY/NJ area. Marina is also a LEED AP professional and hopes to bring her knowledge and interest in Sustainable Design to her role.

A General Board Member reports to the Board Chair and is a full voting member of the Board. Although not required to Chair any “Standing Committees”, General Board Members may be asked to lead Task Forces on special projects that support the Board and membership, assist the Board Chair and CEO as needed.

As a General Board member, I will, to the best of my ability, support the Board of Directors, the members of the Guild, and the Feng Shui community by participating in assigned tasks and Board projects with the aim of maintaining focus on the IFSG’s mission and to promote the benefits of Feng Shui. As an Interior Designer and a Feng Shui practitioner I hope to bring awareness of the benefits of Feng Shui to the build/design community.

Board Participation Years October 2014-September 2017

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Donna StellhornDonna Stellhorn, General Board Member is a Feng Shui expert and Astrologer with more than 25 years’ experience. She’s a former chapter manager of the IFSG Boston Chapter and has been a member of the IFSG for more than 10 years. She’s the author of 10 books including Feng Shui Form and her best-selling series, Chinese Astrology 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep. She’s spoken at the Build Boston Architectural Conference, the Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle and been on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Donna owned a company for 15 years that wholesaled and retailed Feng Shui cures to companies like Whole Foods, Henry’s Markets and Harrahs Casinos. She sold the company in 2009.  Donna writes, teaches and consults on Feng Shui and Astrology full time. She talks with 8-20 clients per week in person, by phone and by Skype. She is currently a board member of the National Counsel for Geo-Cosmic Research: San Diego Chapter.

A General Board Member reports to the Board Chair and is a full voting member of the Board. Although not required to Chair any “Standing Committees”, General Board Members may be asked to lead Task Forces on special projects that support the Board and membership, assist the Board Chair and CEO as needed.

I’m honored to be on the board of IFSG. It’s my intention to build on what the current and previous boards have done. I want to help our members expand their knowledge and confidence in marketing and promotion and thus expand their businesses. I want to help connect members with each other through online and live events. And I will work with other board members to offer more opportunities to our members and help with promoting Feng Shui in general in the community.

Board Participation Years July 2015-September 2018

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