Our Committees

International Feng Shui Guild Our CommitteesIFSG committees work to create opportunities and resources second to none in the field of Feng Shui – for our member consultants, schools, and the public worldwide.  Committees work in support of the Board of Directors and members by improving the foundation upon which our organization is built.  

In the broad areas of Membership, Education, Marketing, Technology, Website, and Finance; our committees focus on tasks that specifically enhance the value of membership and the strength of our organization.

Education Committee

Members from diverse Feng Shui perspectives make up the IFSG Education Committee. Our focus on establishing the highest quality of educational standards within the industry means that you can choose one of our member schools with confidence. This Committee is currently working on implementing continuing education programs and enhancing our School Membership Levels.

Chair:  IFSG Education Director, Susan Fefferman
Committee: James Jay, Sylvia Watson

Elections Committee

The IFSG Elections Committee is responsible for gathering applications for our IFSG Board of Directors. They review all applications, interview and determine possible board positions for each candidate and give their recommendations to the Board during a specific election year.

Finance Committee

The IFSG Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing IFSG finances to ensure viability working closely with the CEO and office.  The committee supports the IFSG Treasurer in compilation and analysis of annual financial reports provided to members.

Chair:  IFSG Treasurer, Kristi Stangland
Committee: Mia Staysko, Bridget Saraka

Marketing Committee

The IFSG Marketing Committee is dedicated to improving IFSG recognition by increasing visibility and exposure through branding, communications, collaborative marketing, online visibility and website enhancement. Promoting the IFSG organization around the world is this Committee’s ongoing focus.

Chair:  IFSG Marketing Director, Frankie Jackson

Membership Committee

This committee connects membership support with community engagement to create a point of deep and meaningful partnership for our members.  Creating value and business support and development with a rich membership experience, the Community Engagement Director and Membership Support Director lead and unite to benefit all members.

Co-Chair:  IFSG Membership Support Director:  Lois Kramer-Perez
Co-Chair:  IFSG Community Engagement Director:  Laura Morris

Publishing Committee

The Publishing committee is currently working on creating an ebook of Feng Shui cures/remedies. This book will be a compilation of members’ advice and their special cures/remedies. It will be published by the IFSG for sale to members and the public allowing a wonderful opportunity to showcase the knowledge of the IFSG members.

Chair:  General Board Member, Marina Umali
Committee: Charmaine Buskas, Rupal Parmar 

Virtual Chapter

This committee manages membership in the Virtual Chapter encouraging dynamic conversation and connection around the world within a private group while maintaining professional standards, ethics, and chapter guidelines.

Director of Virtual Chapter:  Tanya Jahnke

Website Committee

The IFSG Web Tech Committee is dedicated to maintaining our website functionality and design while enhancing and improving our SEO ranking and online visibility.

Committee: Bridget Saraka, Mia Staysko