Our Payment Policies

International Feng Shui Guild Payment Policies help create a successful and safe experience for our members and advertisers. We utilize payment methods that are safe and easy to use with convenient payment options, and offer the strongest protections available.

International Feng Shui Guild Payment Policies


Membership payments are active: FROM either the date paid or the end of the current membership term whichever is later THROUGH the membership payment term, whether annual or quarter. All membership benefits lapse at the end of the current paid membership term, and only begin again upon payment. Click here to learn more about membership in the IFSG.

Annual Payment Terms

Membership is active for one year (12 months).

Quarterly Payment Terms

Accepted for Red Ribbon Professional ($39) and Professional members ($34) only at this time, membership is active for one quarter (3 months). Quarterly payments are not down-payments for the annual payment, but are separate and distinct membership terms.

Quarterly payments are accepted through the PayPal invoicing process. At any time, should member choose to move to annual payments, they may contact the office or login to member account to pay for annual membership.

Membership Lapse Notifications

Members are notified of impending lapse date beginning approximately 30 days prior. Notifications continue throughout those 30 days and for an additional 30 days after lapse date if needed.  Members who lapse beyond 60 days past their lapse date will need to pay a re-instatement fee of $25 in addition to annual dues to re-instate their membership.

Notifications are sent via email to the email address in our contact database (which can be different than the email address listed on personal or school public directory listing). It is the member’s responsibility to make sure contact records are updated and maintained accurately.


Payments for advertising, online or newsletter ads, may be made using any of the below methods of payment as well as PayPal invoicing. Ads must be approved by the IFSG prior to placement, and therefore payment is not required until that approval is complete to protect our advertiser. Advertisers wishing to place an ad for a specific time frame or date should allow appropriate review and ad placement/processing time. Click here to find out more about advertising pricing and options.

Online Ads

Ad is active for full ad term paid. Changes can be made to banner image, text and link(s) at any time by contacting the office. Click here to see our online advertisers in our Feng Shui Products Shop.

Newsletter/Blog Ads

Ad is active for full ad term paid. Blog ad is placed at the beginning of the first newsletter publication month paid. Changes can be made to banner, any text, and link(s) at any time by contacting the office. Click here to learn more about our Feng Shui newsletter.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

All payments must be in US dollars and can be made either through electronic/online means or by check.

Online Payment Processing

Online payment processing is secure and protected through PayPal. We International Feng Shui Guild Payment Policies, PayPalaccept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express through PayPal or through phone orders. Payments made via e-check through PayPal are not active until processing is complete and payment is cleared. Payee does not need a PayPal account to make online payments.

Personal or Business Checks

Personal or business checks are accepted for full amount due. Return check or insufficient fund fees will be charged back to the member or advertiser through the reduction of services provided. For example, fees related to membership payments will reduce the membership term accordingly.

With International Feng Shui Guild Payment Policies, we are committed to providing the best experience and security for our members and advertisers.

If you have questions, please contact the office.

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