Questions to Ask when Choosing a Feng Shui School or Program

Feng Shui training can be an empowering opportunity – train with an expert and start your course to Feng Shui professional excellence on the right track!

Choosing a Feng Shui School is an exciting time and often can be confusing as to what perspective to study. Specific research can assist you in clarifying a decision that will support your highest intentions. We recommend asking Feng Shui School questions to help you in that research!

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ― W.B. Yeats

Consider the following questions when searching for the right school or program.  Your choice is uniquely you.


What Feng Shui perspective do you teach? (ie. Traditional, BTB, Western or Form, Flying Stars, etc.)


How long has your school been operating?


When I complete the program, will I be certified to practice Feng Shui?


How is the program structured (onsite, online, correspondence, etc.)?


How long is the program?


What is the cost? Are there additional fees (such as books, materials, supplies, off-site training, etc)?


Who are the instructors?

What is their background and training?
How long have they been teaching?


Are advanced certifications or training programs available?


Do you offer certifications in Feng Shui related disciplines (i.e., Space Clearing, Interior Design, Reiki, Green Design, etc.)?


Do you have a follow-up support or mentoring program?


How many of your graduates are practicing Feng Shui consultants? How many have chosen not to actively practice and why?


Can you provide references.

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What are IFSG Gold Designated Courses?

Programs designated Gold by the IFSG have completed an added approval process to ensure their program teaches a minimum of the Universal Topics – core concepts defined by the IFSG as common to all perspectives.  These schools have taken the extra steps to have the Gold program logo attached to their listing.  Additionally, IFSG members who have graduated from an IFSG Gold designated program may be eligible to take the Red Ribbon Assessment – the standard for moving to Red Ribbon Professional membership – at any time.


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