What to Expect at a Consultation 

Now that you have booked your consultation – what next?

Well, there isn’t a canned answer or a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Every consultant will approach their time with you differently; just as each client approaches a consultant through their own history, perceptions, personalities, and style of working and learning. Every space is unique – every person in a different place. It is the consultant’s job to use their talents to bring out the best for you.

Not all consultants are created equal, so it’s important to do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.  Five things to consider: experience, credentials, portfolio, project scope, work style.

– Alison Napolitano, Business.com

Some consultants may contact you prior to seeing your home or office and provide a pre-interview or ask for photos. This gives the consultant a heads up on what might be happening in your space to be able to prepare for your time together. Others prefer to come in with clear, fresh eyes to read the energy and see what first impressions the energy flow and the space gives.

Many consultants will tell you, “where your eye goes, the energy goes,” and this is particularly true when reading a space for the first time. You, who see your space every day, aren’t as likely to get a first hit of something being off because you are so used to seeing what you see that you don’t always truly “see” it. (The easy exception to this is when you return home from a trip or vacation. How many of you see something for the first time when returning after an absence, and think “how long has that been this way?” That’s your Feng Shui eyes getting clarity.)

Many consultants will bill you by the hour and some will bill you by the visit opting to spend a set amount of time with you even up to a day. These are questions you should ask when considering hiring a consultant so you know how they work and what responsibilities you may have. (Here are a few more helpful questions.)

Another thing to consider is who lives in your space. A consultant may ask that all inhabitants are present during the appointment so that all have the opportunities to ask questions and find out more about their specific needs and/or issues. It’s important to note that all who live or work in the space, have a voice in the energy – have an opportunity for growth or change – and missing the interactions with your consultant could limit that message.

During the consultation, you may choose to write down notes, record the session either audio or video (be sure you ask permission from your consultant) or simply listen and take in all that you can. Maybe a friend can be your scribe so that you can focus on the discussion while they take notes. Some consultants may prepare a written report for you either as part of their services or as an add-on cost. (Another great question to ask before hiring.) These written documents can serve as your guide, your game plan, your intention and affirmation.

After the consultation, your next steps are up to you. If you are ready to incorporate change – then go for it. If not, that’s ok too but we always encourage our clients to at least consider baby steps. “What is one simple thing you can do today?” We know often there is a feeling of overwhelm, fear, and sometimes maybe even skepticism. That’s ok. We know it works even if you aren’t ready to embrace it. The energy will still be there – when you are ready.

The biggest thing we know through the process of hiring a consultant, going through the appointment, and implementing even just one simple change or idea – is that you are forever changed. Feng Shui is part of an ancient science that works because the energy of the world is universal and empowering. We have seen in literally hundreds and more times. We know it works. We want you to love it, be successful, find your dreams and passions, and grow your world into what you desire most.

It’s the reason we do what we do.

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