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Working in the Corporate world for most of my adult life allowed me to see the need for connectedness not only to ourselves as humans but also to the spaces that we worked in. The way we relate to our environment, will indicate the amount of creativity and rest we can achieve to accomplish our goals in life. Using Feng Shui to balance the energy of any space gives me great joy, as it is by finding balance that we are able to be our most functional and find the needed stillness required to regenerate and create a fulfilling life.

Using Feng Shui techniques and the nature elements that balance spaces in various forms, I work with my clients to refocus the relationship between them and their living or working space. I do this by understanding them as the beautiful human beings that they are and determining their goals in life and what it is that they’d like to see improved in their environment. We get to discuss not only what physical changes their space needs to go through but also, how their emotional state can be improved by these changes.  The outcome is a transformational experience that is sure to improve their life in a physical, emotional and hopefully a spiritual way.

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CasaFina Balanced Spaces
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Whitby, Ontario L1R 2B9
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