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I am always looking to bring out the beauty in buildings giving my clients an environment conducive to living well sleeping better and loving more. I consult with clients remotely and in person. I’m an interior architect with over 20 years experience. I have designed corporate HQ’s in London, hotels in Europe and residential palaces for the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Royal families. I’’m a Registered Interior Designer with the British Institute of Interior Design (London) and a Professional Member of the International Interior Design Association (Chicago).

My clients are interested in transformation on many levels (as am I) and being a certified life coach (training with Martha Beck) really helps facilitate the letting go of painful stories. I understand design and our human emotions in the context of how we live and respond to space. 

I also specialise in helping people build find or alter their buildings so that they are living in the most energetically supportive environment possible. Reading construction drawings meeting with architects being your designer Feng Shui representative are just some of the ways I can help safeguard your dreams during any home or office change.


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Áine Atara Design Consultancy
Strandhill, County Sligo
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I felt it was really, really peaceful and easy to work with Áine. Highly recommend!

“One of the things I want to convey is how comfortable I felt inviting Áine into my home, my sacred space,
and how I felt she honoured that space, and that she honoured me as well.

I also felt that when we talked, Áine listened ,but she actively listened, taking in her surroundings using all her senses, not just what I was saying.

Also, I loved the creative solutions Áine had to my particular challenges, most likely being the space issue! {apartment size: 36m² / 388sqft}

I felt it was very easy to work with her and she really heard what the end result was that I was looking for.

I also felt the solutions were very practical and where there were budget constraints, those were strictly honoured.

I felt not only did Áine look at the whole thing, …which is the whole purpose of Feng Shui when you think about it…not only did she hear what I was saying, but taking into account everything,
it felt so totally holistic working with her and my home because home is my sacred space.

So I felt it was really, really peaceful and easy to work with Áine.

And I was surprised how quickly the project solutions, the answers, the documentation was presented. I had it all in a very timely manner. Highly recommend!”

Regina D. – Dublin, Ireland

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