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“Alisa Rose thank you – you’re a genius! You can help a lot of people!” ~ Client Tony Elman

Are You Ready To Be Surrounded By Beauty in Spaces Which Speak to Your Heart?
Drawing upon deep intuition as well as extensive practical design knowledge using color scent and healthy materials, I help you create spaces which Uplift Your Spirit While Supporting & Enhancing Your Physical Mental & Emotional Health Your Creativity & Productivity.

Using a personalized 5 Element Western Feng Shui approach depending on your needs and desires I draw from a chock-full toolkit whatever will serve you best.

I’m a longtime Ecological Garden Designer Certified Green Building Professional GreenAP for Interiors Graceful Lifestyles Certified Interior Re-Designer Flower Essence and Reiki Practitioner.

In your consultation we begin with what is already ‘right’ about your space going from there to give you solutions for specific challenges concerns and desires.
Sometimes what appears to be the problem actually isn’t…We will zero in on what the true issue really is and provide some immediate ways to make things better.

As a designer I am able to give you specific solutions which fit your aesthetic.


Healthy Spaces for Women & Families
Eco Living & Inside/Outside Design: Regenerative Design
Flower Essences
Building Biology
Blessing Ceremonies
Organic Skincare
Chemical Sensitivities

Available On Site and By Telephone.

For Organic Body-&-Soul-Care Products:

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Personal Background:

I grew up ‘feeling energy’ and was so relieved to discover in 1985 that there is a whole system called feng shui which describes what I do!
Raised my children organically in a feng shuied healthy home through the ’80s and 90s. Helping to do the same with (so far!) 3 babies of my babies!

After becoming chemically sensitive due to pesticide exposure several decades ago I formed the group Parents United for Health,
initiating and leading the successful effort to ban toxic herbicides from city property where I live.

Have been an active member of our IFSG Green Living & Design Committee for years.
I’m also a CEU Educator for Build It Green and a co-chair on the climate task force of my city.
It is my great blessing and my pleasure to be of service in Enlivening Your World!

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Ambiance Eco
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San Francisco bay area, California 94707
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