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My passion for Feng Shui has subconsciously been there all my life. Throughout my life’s journey I have been looking for my calling. My search for my mission has led me to discover different forms of art which helped define me as a person and as a Feng Shui Consultant. Art has led me to a Master’s degree in Russian philology and literature and to the mastery of several languages. Art was the reason for me to also obtain a degree in Interior Design.

As I knew there was more to my calling than the obvious I started practicing yoga qi gong tai chi and daoiist philosophy and I discovered a whole new universe. That discovery led me to a dramatic shift in my studies. I was introduced to Wu Dang Chen a Daoist priest from Wu Dang Mountain in China and began attending various workshops and lectures. Through the many studies over the years I have acquired knowledge in the arts of healing meditation philosophy Feng Shui etc.

My current mission started taking shape while I was attending an “Introduction to Feng Shui” workshop which defined my calling. I then obtained a degree in Western Feng Shui studies which I expanded further by attending Eastern Feng Shui workshops held by Wu Dang Chen at the” Dao House” in Colorado.

I now advise people on the best way for them to incorporate Feng Shui into their lives to balance their homes businesses and places of employment so they feel nurtured and supported within their spaces and environments at all times.

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