About Me

I began my five element journey even before I began studying and practicing Chinese medicine more than 25 years ago. In Chinese medical theory the five elements are the foundation for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. My fascination with the psychological aspects and a background in Alchemical Hypnotherapy for emotional healing led me to my approach to the importance of personality in how we interpret our experiences of others, the world, and ourselves.

In my first book of historical fiction entitled, When Lao Tzu Met Hippocrates, I weave in pieces of five element theory through a story that reads like a fable for the consumption of the beginner mind. In recent years, I have approached the “inner Feng Shui” journey with the creation of a 50-card self-created deck and accompanying text entitled: 5 Element Personality Cards: Navigating Relationships. Working at this level allows for even more profound shifts and transformations in and individual and in their external spaces.

As an artist, I love working with clients and other designers in placing artwork in homes and offices or even in choosing a personal piece for medication purposes. When it comes to the five element metaphorical model and its myriad of applications, we are all artists dynamically painting the landscapes of our health and our lives!

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Architect in Health
Grand Junction, Colorado 81502
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