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“One of the city’s top certified Feng Shui consultants resident Feng Shui disciple and Queen of Qi.”  Los Angeles Confidential Magazine

Life is a movie. Anita wants to help you be the star. As a Hollywood movie director in her former life with Modern Girls and Assault of the Killer Bimbos she understands that a good director will never let you look bad. She’s an expert in Feng Shui BaZi Chinese Astrology and the hot new practice Qi Men Dun Jia. In her seventeen years of experience in Chinese Metaphysics her high-profile clients like Virginia Madsen Gwyneth Paltrow Miranda Kerr Ashley Tisdale and Paula Abdul (partial list) rave that she is fun to work with authentic and heartfelt. Anita starred in the TV pilot “The Feng Shui Way” and has been featured on VH1 Discovery Channel HGTV and recently on “Adam Carolla and Friends Build Stuff Live” on Spike TV. Her Lucky Series of books: Practical Magic & Household Luck Feng Shui Luck, Heavenly Luck and Real Estate Luck are included in her workshops. Anita’s vast knowledge and experience transforms and illuminates the homes businesses and lives of each valued and trusted client. With exclusive and customized packages Anita’s mission is to help you reach your personal and professional goals while shining in the spotlight of your life.

BONUS: Anita’s curated collection of signature magical candles powdered incense crystals and sacred statues anchors client’s intentions and raises their vibration. Let the magic begin.

Additional specialties include: Cosmic Coaching Wealth Forecasting Keynote Speaker Space Cleansing + Money Seal Property Selection Qi Men Forecasting & Skype Consultations



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Anita Rosenberg Studio
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1645 N Vine Street, Hollywood Los Angeles and Vicinity, California 90028
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