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Drawing from her experience producing Emmy Award winning lifestyle shows like Martha Stewart Living, designing celebrity homes for HGTV, and working with celebrities to Feng Shui and detox their homes, Ashley developed a spiritual and modern Feng Shui design and lifestyle practice that’s the basis of her book, High-Vibe Feng Shui (Storey Publishing, 2021) and her podcast, Elevated Human Podcast. She’s been featured as a go-to source for media outlets such as Bravotv and Real Simple, Staples, and many others.




  • Certified Professional practicing modern Feng Shui blending practical and spiritual methods
  • Premier International Feng Shui Guild Red Ribbon Feng Shui Professional
  • Written about for her Feng Shui work and celebrity clients on Bravotv.com
  • A part of Emmy Award winning team for her work at Martha Stewart Living
  • Designed holiday homes for HGTV’s highest rated primetime special Celebrity Holiday Homes
  • Worked with top Interior Designers including: Jonathan Adler Property Brothers Thomas O Brien Jeff Lewis and many more!
  • Member of The American Society of Dowsers
  • From outside of Pittsburgh Pa she lived in NYC for 16 years and now resides in Atlanta Georgia. She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in high school and that started her quest of holistic living 22 years ago. You can usually find her at a vegan restaurant drinking green juice exploring new towns or hiking with her family




“How do she and her husband Kroy find balance among all that stuff? For them feng shui is the answer. According to the couple they recently began working with certified feng shui professional Ashley Cantley who they have come to love and adore — and the small home changes they’ve made have had a major impact on their lives. For one they’re planning a big yard sale in Georgia at the end of the month to get rid of the excess of things.”


FROM Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann

I really fell in love with her. Her report was so insanely accurate. She comes highly recommended

She was a great person to work with

It’s literally life changing. The energy you can almost feel it

If you follow her process and her step by step stuff you can feel the difference in your space




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