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My introduction to Chinese Metaphysics began while living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the mid 1990’s and I have been fortunate enough to continue pursuing my education in these arts by training under three of today’s great masters.  I studied the art of Chinese Face Reading with the amazing Lillian Bridges at her beautiful Lotus Institute.  The incredible Joey Yap and his Master Academy of Chinese Metaphysics captured my interest in the arts of Bazi and Qi Men and I began my formal education in Feng Shui under the knowledge and guidance of the wonderful James Jay at the Feng Shui Designs Learning Center.

Today I utilize my skills to educate people about the many ways in which these Chinese Metaphysical arts can help them transform their relationships, their homes and their lives.  Through my use of multiple mediums, I focus on providing personalized guidance in a way that will fit seamlessly into any lifestyle or decor.  I’m also available to host introductory Feng Shui sessions for groups who are interested in learning the history and fundamentals of the craft. As a professional Realtor and Certified Professional Home Stager I provide complementary Feng Shui guidance to clients looking to purchase or sell a home.

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AZ Uptown Homes
Bisbee, Arizona 85603
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