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Bill Schwingel is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment, the feng shui and space clearing school founded by renowned mystic Denis Linn. He is certified in Instinctive Feng Shui, Medicine Wheel Feng Shui and 7 Star Blessing Space Clearing. He offers home and business consultations on site and remotely.

Bill connects with his clients first by helping to clarify their goals and aspirations, which includes first an initial discussion of intentions followed by guided journeys, oracle card readings and sharing his own intuitive insights.

As an earth energy practitioner, he also offers clients an assessment of their land energies and whether they are creating blocks to their aspirations. If the energies need to be addressed, Bill will release them using earth acupuncture.

In addition, Bill provides oracle card readings, guided meditative journeys for relaxation and one-on-one reiki sessions.

In his more than 20 years providing these services, he has always turned to nature as his own guide, finding a peace and calm there no matter life’s often chaotic turns. As an executive at multiple digital marketing agencies, he also has helped bridge the gap between the hectic demands of the corporate world and employees’ desire for greater work/life balance by applying these ancient teachings in the business world.

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