Caroline Patrick BorNei  brings the experience of over 6000 Feng Shui consultations. Caroline is known as “The Puzzle Master” intuitively “seeing”  what is not working in large and small spaces such as homes businesses, on properties, in cities and on land masses. Many of her early experiences are shared in her latest publication “Diary of a Feng Shui Consultant and Visual Artist.” The book reveals stories of her early consultations. See to learn more about her personal relationship with His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun as a senior disciple. See Professor’s calligraphy and forward. View her 9 vibrant paintings which reflect the energy of each aspect of the Bagua along with herbal suggestions color information and more. “Diary of a Feng Shui Consultant and Visual Artist” can be purchased on Amazon or directly from via pay pal.

Caroline’s knowledge of feng shui is profound especially when giving mundane and transcendental cures for living and working spaces. His Holiness Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun leader of The Black Sect Tanatric Buddhist School noted early on about Ms. Patrick understanding of color and its affect. “Among my disciples Caroline has already attained the indigo color and has surpassed many predecessors. She understands the concept of harmony and balance and the smooth flow of Chi.” Caroline was one of the first newspaper columnist to write on the subject of Feng Shui and geomancy. The column called “WEST MEETS EAST” introduced the Bay Area of CA. to the Art of Placement through a column for the Benicia Herald. During the next 14 yrs. the weekly column was a popular read and brought Feng Shui to the general public in an easy to understand manner. .

Related specialties include:  Red Ribbon Feng Shui Expert Published Author, Educator/Workshop Leader Speaker artist Special Feng Shui Art for cures corrections and enhancements , Blue Print Analysis Designing of Feng Shui homes offices gardens landscaping and other environmental placements. Blessings for land homes offices with a Red Rice Ceremony and is qualified to administer Chi infusions.

Currently Caroline is writing her life’s teachings of Feng Shui Artistry and how to create sacred art with special secrets revealed to her by Grandmaster Lin Yun. “Color Speaks” will give new life to the art world. She continues to give workshops in Feng Shui Feng Shui Art and gives consultations on-site and by phone.

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Feng Shui consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you build the life and space you want.  This includes residential homes and commercial offices and businesses as well as Feng Shui landscapes. The core concepts – from the five elements, energy balance, floor plan analysis, even art selection, room use, and clutter issues – can be addressed and enhanced through hiring a qualified practitioner.

For what to expect during a consultation, read more in this informative article.  Need ideas on what questions to ask your Feng Shui consultant, click here.

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