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Who am I?

I am a trainer, consultant, practitioner of the arts of Chinese Metaphysics. I am a graduate of several training courses of Chinese Metaphysics including:

  • traditional Feng Shui
  • BaZi – destiny analysis
  • Zi Wei Dou Shu – astrology of purple stars
  • Qi Men Dun Jia – techniques for strategic execution and forecasting
  • Spiritual Qi Men – the art of Fu talismans
  • Mian Xiang – face reading
  • Ze Ri – date selection

My wife is a doctor, also a practitioner of Chinese metaphysics, through the second branch of the 5 arts: acupuncture .

My current hobbies are opera, literature and Chinese metaphysics, through the branches that particularly attracted me: traditional Feng Shui , BaZi , Zi Wei Dou Shu and Qi Men Dun Jia.

I am practicing and consulting in English, French and Romanian languages.

I studied many years with several masters from Europe, USA and Asia, such as: Master Risvan Vlad Rusu, Master Dato Joey Yap, Master Jerry Johnson, Master Han, George Bennis, Joe Boey and so on.

More information about me (trainings, skills, certifications, available courses I teach my students) can be found here:



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Cătălin Vasiloiu - trainer & consultant
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