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Cathryn is a national Feng Shui consultant educator and guest speaker and the owner of Balanced Environments. Her purpose is to guide her clients in determining the unique Feng Shui solutions that will work for them. Through customizing and personalizing she has found that her clients are more eager to make changes and get quicker results. This successful method is designed for both residential and commercial situations. As well as improving how a place simply “looks and feels” Feng Shui can help any life situation or goal including areas like increasing income reducing stress improving relationships losing weight attracting new clients and selling homes. Cathryn is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui and has also studied with numerous internationally known experts in this and related fields. She is also a professional member of ABWA and NCA as well as a founding member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants in San Diego. Cathryn has been the featured guest on radio and TV shows and the subject of newspaper articles. She has developed the Remote Feng Shui system for helping clients in hard-to-reach locales. Two of her specialties include art interpretation and placement as well as customizing and personalizing enhancements.

Cathryn is located in the San Diego California area but she travels extensively consulting around the country and excels in long distance consultations.

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Balanced Environments
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2658 Del Mar Heights Road, Del Mar, California 92014


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