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Using the principles of Feng Shui, Cathy will guide you in identifying areas where you desire a shift and show you how to use intention and environmental adjustments to overcome obstacles and enhance positive change in your life.

Cathy is a certified Feng Shui consultant through the Feng Shui School of Chicago.

Cathy practices BTB (Black Sect Tantric Buddhist) Feng Shui as taught by Laurie Pawli, who studied with the late Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, one of the world’s most prominent authorities on Feng Shui.

As owner of a floral design and fiber art business, Cathy uses Feng Shui principles, shapes and color in all her designs.  Cathy specializes in florals for events, botanical designs for home décor, consults, plans and installs small space gardens.  Cathy’s fiber art encompasses had dyed silks in a variety of techniques using alpaca and wool felting and Japanese Shibori.

Cathy is also a practitioner of Kolaimni energy work.  People who practice Kolaimni help connect the recipient to the Universal Light and Energy, helping to renew the body’s natural restorative powers.

Examples of Cathy’s artwork can be found at www.floralandfiber.com

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