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Christian Kyriacou is an Architect House Whisperer Philosopher Author Storyteller Environmental Psychologist Musician Composer Filmmaker Feng Shui Vaastu and Geomancy Consultant. He has appeared on international television and radio since 1993 as an inspirational speaker on topics such as the relationship of sound and sacred space architectural harmonics and music geomancy and Feng Shui. His work with the spatial energy of buildings engages with how aspects of acoustics vibration music and harmonics relate to sacred geometry in architectural spaces. His psychotherapeutic approach involves reading and understanding the consciousness of buildings which in turn affects the relationship of people to their homes and work places.

In 2016 Christian established The House Whispering Academy taking people through 22 Modules of essential in-depth subjects and providing an opportunity for others to become a Certified House Whispering Practitioner.

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Ki Architect Ltd
Kingston Upon Thames Surrey, England KT2 5NX
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