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A great deal of emphasis is placed on balancing one’s Body Mind and Spirit.  The energy of the space in which we live and work has tremendous influence on our wellness.  I am honored that you are visiting this site for assistance in interpreting and applying the principles of Feng Shui to your living and work space(s).  Whether you have a new space or old know a little or a lot about Feng Shui want a new job or new love you’ve come to the right place.  I specialize in understanding my client’s desired intentions sharing the wisdom of Feng Shui applying Feng Shui Organizing techniques to transform spaces (new old or remodeled) simply and beautifully.  I received my Feng Shui Certification in 2007 and IFSG Red Ribbon Professional a few years later. I practice BTB Feng Shui as developed by Master Thomas Lin Yun. I am happy to assist you in living your heart’s desire.

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18518 Booness Lane, Wildwood, Missouri 63038


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