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Cindy Garretón is the force behind Luminescence International School of Feng Shui. She has had a longstanding career in interior design working on both the east and wests coasts of the US as well as select projects in Europe. Cindy began her design career in Seattle after earning her Bachelor’s in Interior Design from Iowa State University College of Design. After a decade into her career, Cindy intuitively knew both that design has the power to transform a space and that there was more to it—and so began her studies in Feng Shui. She sought more meaning in high end design, not only for herself, but for the prosperity and health of her clients.

Cindy was blessed and told by Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun that she was to teach the Tao and took this message to heart, having utmost respect for him and his teachings. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun was responsible for bringing Feng Shui to the West (United States) in the 1970’s and taught at Harvard and started his two schools in Berkeley, California and Long Island, New York.

Cindy has been certified in BTB Feng Shui since 1999 and became a Master Educator in Interior Alignment School of Feng Shui and Space Clearing—founded by author Feng Shui expert Denise Linn—in 2002. She has been teaching Feng Shui certification for 18 years while integrating these principles into her ongoing interior design work. Cindy’s mission in sharing and teaching this work is to help raise the frequency of our planet through empowering others to improve their personal environments.

Cindy has served as President of the American Society of Interior Designers (Oregon chapter).

“I’m so excited to bring certification classes to you online through my new Luminescence International School of Feng Shui! I’ve been teaching online since 2002, and this course will offer the best of my studies and expertise matched with intimate live classes and 1:1 mentoring. Please join me on a quest for your new career or to enhance your existing one with new tools!”    —Cindy
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Luminescence International Feng Shui School was created out of 20 years of passionate teaching Feng Shui and Certification Programs. Cindy Garreton, founder has been active in energetic environments since she was young child imagining her rooms to her home in the woods. Even then, she realized the magic of having nature be a part of your home. After majoring in […]
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