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Dara began her journey training in medicine at university 15 years ago. From 2006 to 2010 she became an accredited Reiki Master Healer, a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and a Shamanic Healer. She has gained knowledge of numerous Healing modalities. Dara is an author and presenter.

In 2008 Dara’s practice, Soul Life Healings, was established. Dara works with a unique blend of many modalities and higher vibration levels of Energy which are attuned to the client’s specific needs bringing them healing and release. Personal energy clearing deep emotional release Soul Healing remote Healing dealing with sleep issues, pain management, home energy cleansing and learning the energy tools to improve life are some of the skills offered in private consults within a group session or as presentation topics.

Having been involved with Healing Energy all her life Dara motivates clients to achieve a more positive ‘self’ on an emotional spiritual physical and mental level. A healthy mind soul and body within a healthy environment would provide a person with the potential to reach their optimum.

Dara’s first book ‘Your Empowering Life Healing Journey’ was published in November 2016. Her next book Now the Soul was published in November 2018. Dara is also currently researching a solution to cancer through Energy Healing.

She currently lives in Western Canada.

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Soul Life Healings
Calgary, Alberta T3R1T7
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