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My name is Debbie, owner of Blossoming Spirit.  My practice is geared towards helping others discover and transform patterns that create roadblocks, and reorient them towards that which will support fulfillment of their desires.

Every person is unique, but we all have the common desire to live a whole, balanced, and joyful life.  It is our nature to seek harmony, but this can easily get obscured with the pace of modern living.

My specialty is working with the five elements through various modalities such as Feng Shui, Qigong, Acupressure and Chinese dietetics.  Each of these domains can work together to bring about and fully support your well being.  The best results can be achieved when all the working parts of our life are considered.

Other related studies along the way have included Qigong practitioner certification, Reiki Master certification, sound therapy, massage therapy, clinical mind-body tools, the use of flower essences in supporting emotional integration, and the heartmath technique for Stress, Anxiety and self regulation.  I also have more than 19 year of experience as a real estate broker, certification in interior decorating.

My two boys have always been a great source of inspiration and a guiding light for me to work towards becoming my best self!  It is to them that I dedicate my first published book My Magical CompassThis is a workbook for kids, with simple tools and affirmations to promote confidence, compassion, and the joy of discovering our true nature.

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