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I’ve explored several disciplines over the years in search of a better understanding of myself and the world around me.  The “interconnectedness” of all things. My studies have included Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupressure as well as Traditional compass school Feng shui at Ecole Dao in Montreal. Other areas of study have included BTB “western form”  Feng Shui from the Sacred Lotus school of Feng Shui, Advanced Reiki training in the Usui-Tibetan lineage, psycho-spiritual counselling and an ongoing practice of Tai Chi.

I also have more than 19 year of experience as a real estate broker, certification in interior decorating.

My goal with Blossoming spirit is to facilitate change from the inside out!  Our surrounding environment can be considered a reflection of our internal environment.  One effects the other as we have an ongoing relationship with everything and everyone around us. Both Feng shui and acupressure are based on the same principle of restoring balance whether internal or external through the 5 element and yin/yang theories and as a result work towards supporting your highest well-being.

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Blossoming Spirit Feng Shui
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46 Avenue Sainte-Anne, Pointe-Claire, Québec H9S 4P8
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