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I am a transformational guide.  I love to assist clients connect with their true self, I assist clients with life transitions, question about life path, relationship and career using the tools of feng shui, Chinese face reading and my intuitive gifts.

I apply feng shui and Chinese face reading to create unique solutions for clients’ and their living space that may include BTB feng shui, forms, Ba Zhai, and or Compass feng shui.  I work in a wholistic manner tailored to clients’ personal evolution, dreams, goals and lifestyle.  I apply cures and solutions that are aesthetically pleasing to assist a clients’ dreams, goals and wishes.

I am a graduate of the Master Face reading program, Ming, and Five Element Feng Shui Intensive for practitioners at the Lotus Institute.

Other Masters I have studied feng shui with:

The late Professor Lin, BTB feng shui.

The late Master Yap Cheng Hai, compass feng shui.

Master Raymond Lo, compass feng shui.

Master Angel de Para, compass feng shui.



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Bliss Environments
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