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As a professional psychologist I start with a client’s personality and temperament as a guide to feng shui-ing their space.  I get to know a client by listening to them and listening for what matters most to them. Themes emerge. For a client discussing their home a theme might be: “I’d a relationship with someone who likes animals ”  or  “I wish I were more organized and spend less time looking for things.”   A business client may express a desire to make the business space reflect the pride they take in their work.  A speciality of mine is dental and medical offices where minimizing patient anxiety is very important. Patients who are physically and psychologically comfortable in their dentist’s or doctor’s office will remain a patient longer than someone who is uncomfortable in the practitioners office. Patient comfort is acheived in part by paying attention how their five senses are engaged. The yin-yang and elemental balance ease of movement through the space way-finding and proper signage are also reviewed.

My doctoral research “A Phenomenological Study of Psychiatrists’ Offices from a Depth Psychological Perspective through the Lens of Feng Shui” revealed the influence of the psychiatrist’s unconscious on their choice of furnishings contents and arrangement thereof . The analysis of each office space using Feng Shui as a psychological tool, illuminated aspects of the psychiatrists that they were not consciously aware of such as their attitude toward their patients money and professional power.

Since this was a study and not a series of consultations it proved something that all Feng Shui consultants should know: Listening deeply doing a thorough walk-about of each space being Feng Shui-d and working with a client’s drawing of their space engages the client’s psyche in such as way that the client’s sense of what needs to be changed in their space bubbles up to their conscious awareness before the Feng Shui consultant offers his/her advice.

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