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Inspired Feng Shui Consultations to optimize your health, wealth and happiness in all of your spaces.

I clear and align spaces using Feng Shui and Space Clearing principles to get you the results that you want!

The benefits of Feng Shui are vast. Shifting the energy in your environment attracts significant improvements in your life.

My consultations and services are geared to assist you in having the life, relationships and health of your dreams.

In 2001 a dear friend introduced me to the concepts of clearing, balancing and aligning the energy in your environment to optimize and support your health, well-being and aspirations. I was intrigued and immediately began studying and using Feng Shui principles.

My goal is to provide personalized consultations that are specific and pertinent to you and support the actualization of your desires, hopes and goals.

Feng Shui is often very literal and I am here to help you discover just how much your personal space (the places where you spend the most time) impacts you as well as how you can affect it.

Here’s to looking at ALL of your spaces through Feng Shui eyes.

Let me share what is possible for you. Health. Wealth. Happiness.

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Feng Shui Your Spaces
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705 Neipsic Road, Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033
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