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Based in Surrey United Kingdom I started my own Feng Shui Consultancy after qualifying as a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner to help people and businesses transform their lives using Feng Shui too.  I have practiced Feng Shui in my life since 1994 and continue to see my life change in wondrous ways and my dreams continually coming true. I love helping clients introduce Feng Shui into their lives and clients already familiar with Feng Shui who need to consult with me on a particular issue so my client can experience their own success and dreams coming true. Hearing from a client soon after a consultation with their amazing success stories of what’s happened the changes they’ve experienced and the new opportunities happiness and joy is always priceless. In 2015 I became a Certified Feng Shui Stager adding to the services I provide to clients.

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Feng Shui Dreams
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South Croydon Surrey, Greater London, England CR2 6HD
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