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My name is Emily aka The Home Alchemist.

I’m a Byron Bay based coach, teacher, healer and writer…here to support your journey home!

I spent my childhood creating little homes and cubby houses so when I discovered feng shui in the 90’s I thought I’d found my thing.

I become a practitioner and master teacher however in 2003 my parents and I were in their home as a catastrophic fire front hit.  100ft flames chased us down the street as we escaped.  We were lucky to survive but sadly they lost their home cars and all of their belongings.

Infact over 500 families lost their homes that day all within around four hours.

Although I’d not personally lost my home my sense of home and the landscape of my life changed dramatically.

Over the next ten years profound insights emerged from the ashes.  My personal journey (which included being diagnosed with and healing Post Traumatic Stress) ultimately became the greatest teacher of all.

Now I’m a passionate advocate of sacred space for self care and have created my own approach of ‘Home Alchemy’ to help people come home and transform their lives, particularly after trauma grief and loss.

I also founded ‘Here Comes Hope’ a supportive community specifically for people recovering from home loss and disasters.

Whatever your journey I welcome the opportunity to connect…I’d love to assist you to…

Come home, heal your heart and shine BRIGHT!


Emily xo

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