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I am Fátima Valente, and it is my passion to organize and create healthy homes and spaces. I was born and raised in Brazil, with an exciting experience of living in Europe and now living in the USA since 2014. I speak fluent English and Portuguese, as well as several other European languages.

My life has been blessed with constantly researching, facing challenges, experimenting, and conquering obstacles. I hold a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, and have achieved certifications in Feng Shui through the Brazilian Institute of Feng Shui with Silvana Occhialini, and  also the Feng Shui School of Chicago with Laurie Pawli.  Energy healing, geobiology, sacred geometry, dowsing, chromotherapy, numerology, Four Pillars of Destiny astrology, and many other techniques, together with my intuition, help me to guide my  clients to clear blockages in their lives to achieve a better environment in their home and work spaces. By doing so, they start to look at the places where they live or work with more care and attention, and realize positive results not only in their spaces, but within themselves.

I was first introduced to Feng Shui in 1996 and initially started to apply its knowledge and wisdom in my landscape design projects. After witnessing the amazing results, I started my in-depth journey in 2000, pursuing Masters, experts and all available material. I have participated  in Feng Shui seminars in Brazil with the Architect and Feng Shui consultant Carlos Solano, Healthy Homes courses  and workshops with Allan Lopes, 15 days of Space Clearing with Lin Cheng, courses with master R. D. Chin, Nancy Santo Pietro and many others that brought new perspectives and knowledge to the art of evaluating and healing spaces.

I am certified in Soul Couching by Denise Linn through the Brazilian Institute of Feng Shui, and I am also proudly awarded Red Ribbon Professional Member status by the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG), which has a selected standard for Feng Shui professionals.

My path with Feng Shui of more than twenty-five (25) years affords me a natural way to work with clients with respect for their desires and way of being. This gentle interaction will inspire them to enjoy an enlightened way of viewing and caring for their homes, businesses, loved ones and themselves, bringing more vitality, happiness, health, prosperity, and love, while opening opportunities to achieve their dreams.

With much light and love,


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The Aligned Space
Glen Carbon, Illinois
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