About Me

Change Magic Interior Consulting is my special blend of gently providing you with confidence to embrace new ideas guiding you to release what you don’t need helping you discover the beauty that already surrounds you and working with you to pull it all together.

With the good fortune of opportunities to live in the Far East Central America and several states my early attraction to design and exposure to different cultures broadened my perspective for creating harmonious balanced and comfortable living spaces. I found that I intuitively integrated feng shui principles of harmony balance and peace into each of my interior consultations.

In addition to a BA degree I studied interior design and became a certified feng shui practitioner training at the Earth Home School of Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts Certification Course and at the Red Lotus Feng Shui Master Consultant Course. Along the way I had the opportunity to direct public relations and marketing for the tourism industry in Florida mainly at an historic site and a beautiful botanical gardens. With each move I expanded my love of fine arts interior décor and the healing benefits of feng shui.

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Change Magic Interior Consulting
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1328 Chapman's Retreat Drive, Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174

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