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Gina’s passion for personal and spiritual growth, goal setting, and health and wellness drew her to discover feng shui. She views feng shui as a way to turn your home into a physical vision board to help bring your biggest dreams and desires to fruition. A graduate of Luminous Spaces Feng Shui School, Gina supports her clients in making adjustments to their space in order to maximize positive energy that leaves them feeling inspired, re-energized and at ease.   

In addition to being a certified BTB Feng Shui Consultant, Gina weaves in years of experience in vision and goal coaching and personal development as well as her background as a yoga instructor to support her in understanding her clients’ true aspirations.   

Gina offers feng shui consultations and space clearings and blessings in person in the Maryland & DC area as well as virtually over video conference. 

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Tranquil Nursery for Harley Rose

Gina helped me organize and decorate the most important room in our house, my daughter’s room (now due in two weeks), to the exact look and feel I was hoping for. I moved in to my husband’s house where most of the decor and furniture were his. We didn’t change much and the house continued to not feel like my own. When we found out we were having a baby, we started working on transforming the office into a nursery. It was finally a room that I had a say in every single thing. I thought I had it set up exactly how I’d like, and there wasn’t much extra room to move things around, but still wanted to see what Gina had to say. She took my personality, what I needed out of that room, and how I wanted to feel in that room to create a tranquil oasis that I know we will need when we have a baby crying every two hours. It will calm us both! After our time together, we moved around some furniture, added a mirror and took down a tv, added some “earth” (a big, beautiful plant), and grounded our crib with a new beautiful rug. I couldn’t be happier, and have loved walking by her beautiful room, waiting for it to be filled with so much love.

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