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Let me introduce myself my name is Harry Tran. I am a certified Feng Shui Consultant with a specialization in Human Resources and Learning & Development  based in Greater Seattle Washington area. I have been fascinated about human behavior and people which lead me to a success career in Human Resources for various leading edge organizations in Canada and The United States.  I’ve been practicing Feng Shui for more than 10 years and uncovered my path to Feng Shui in my early twenties while traveling abroad. My education life experiences and coaching opportunities has made a significant impact on my life and to those whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

My professional training in Feng Shui is based on traditional Feng Shui.  My aspiration is to help people truly understand themselves their potential and how they can leverage practical uses of Feng Shui to bring positive energy in order to have a harmonious and prosperous life.

You will find that I am easy going compassionate good-natured passionate thoughtful and creative. Did I also tell you I love to have fun too!   I love life and have a great sense of humor and really enjoy a good laugh with great company. Being happy healthy and motivated is widely important. As a leader I have an ability to influence and spur people to take action while inspiring them at the same time.  I am able to incorporate both Feng Shui Principles and Leadership Development to help create more purpose and clarity into your life.

Lastly my energy level increases when I connect with other people and when it does so does the energy of the people with whom I am connecting with! Let’s connect and uncover your “path to Feng Shui” and transform your life!

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