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I’m Jamie, and I create and manage Wix websites. I believe that websites should be a reflection of who you are and a place for you to be authentically you. My obsession with good design began back in high school, when I was editor of my yearbook. Fast forward to when I entered the workforce, and I started to notice that all of my jobs, no matter the position or industry, seemed to have one thing in common: I was always put in charge of updating, improving, and maintaining the organization’s website.

Several years ago, in search of my next step after working for a long time in women’s health care, I was drawn to feng shui. I realized that its principles (alignment, balance, flow, cohesion) can be applied to how we design and create websites and how we manage our tech more broadly. My past experiences had shown me how often websites are created without these concepts in mind and how much hassle and difficulty that creates. So, after becoming certified in feng shui, I founded Your Digital Essence because I really believe that we can all benefit from better-looking and better-functioning tech. Serving the worldwide community.

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