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WAIT……..Think about this……

Have you noticed how chaotic life has become….even more than ever before? Maintaining order in life is essential but how is the absolute best way to do this? The answer is with the use of the 5000 year old Practice of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the “art of moving energy”. It can transform all parts of your life whether it be financial fame luck love or in relationships. It’s methods are now widely practiced in many countries around the world.

How can you create a business or personal space where people enter to find immediate comfort and harmony? This is my goal for each and every one of my clients.

It is with great excitement and joy that I bring the elements of Feng Shui to your environment. I come from a background where I spent 18 years in commercial real-estate and space consulting for corporations as well as private spaces. I am certified in Feng Shui through The Metropolitan Interior Design Universal Feng Shui Consultant Program. I continue the depth of my studies with world renown Khadro Crystal Rinpoche. Crystal succeeds Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun religious leader scholar and the world’s most prominent authority on Feng Shui.

With this knowledge I can help to elevate your Chi unblocking Chi to find order in your life. Chi is the vital force of our lives. It affects our mind health luck and all of our activities. Chi manifests differently in everyone. The objective is to unblock and uplift one’s Chi to an optimal level.

I combine my knowledge of Feng Shui and intuitive understanding with the practical implementation of this ancient tradition of bringing harmony beauty and balance to residential and commercial spaces that produce the elements of what you wish to manifest in your personal life or business. Transformation of your personal or business space will transform your life. Let me help to empower you to bring a good and abundant flow of Chi to your spaces and enhance good health loving relationships and success to inspire emotional and physical well being in your life.

Will you take that chance?

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New Hyde Park, New York 11042

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