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  • Residential and Commercial Consultations
  • Destiny Analysis
  • Auspicious Date Selection
  • Personalized Yearly Calendar
  • Property Selection
  • Qi Men Dun Jia Forecasting and Strategic Analysis
  • I Ching Readings
  • Home Staging and Organization Support
  • Professional Instruction and Mentoring
  • Public Speaking for Workshops, Conferences & Events


Jillian Rothschild

Feng Shui Consultant, M.Ed., CFSP, FSSP

Founder and Owner of Feng Shui In Motion


Hi there – I’m Jillian, and I help ambitious people who feel like there’s something a bit ‘off’ in their life (or business) and they are looking for someone they can trust to get clarity, enabling them to confidently move forward and accelerate their results.

Feng Shui Expert

I am a classically trained Feng Shui expert, and my foundational training is in the ancient wisdom of the over-400-year-old Wu Chang Feng Shui Mastery lineage.

I have been working in a private Feng Shui consultancy since 2010. I use the wisdom of ancient, time-tested methods, systems, and applications, while offering practical solutions for modern lifestyles. One of my strengths is that I simplify the intricate details so clients can take immediate action to enhance the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual aspects of their lives.


Every stage of life presents us with unique challenges and opportunities in the areas of health, career and business advancement, wealth development, and romantic or family relationships.

Feng Shui, as well as other practices under the umbrella of Chinese metaphysics, are powerful tools. Feng Shui enables you to bring greater balance & harmony  into your life and make better, informed choices. Making changes to your physical space aligns you with extra energetic support, so you can optimize your life. This is also true for your business. Applying Feng Shui principles to your space infuses it with positive energy and minimizes the force of negative energies in your environment.

This, along with other ancient tools such as a Chinese Astrology aka Destiny Analysis (or BaZi), can give you more clarity on what you can do to best achieve your goals, when to act, and how to get more of what you want out of life.


Feng Shui for Your Home


Do you want to reduce stress in some area of your life or release anything that might be holding you back? Your home can support you.


A Feng Shui consultation on your home can give you the guidance you need to turn your home into a sanctuary, one that truly supports you. It can help you make the changes to need to release blocks and build confidence, communicate more clearly, and feel a sense of empowerment as you move through life’s transitions and everyday challenges. Before you know it, you’ve got a good Feng Shui House.


Other Options

In addition to the services listed above, Feng Shui In Motion offers custom options to meet your unique needs:

  • Destiny Analysis Four Pillars of Destiny/BaZi Reading
  • Auspicious Date Selection
  • Personalized Yearly Calendar
  • Qi Men Dun Jia Forecasting and Strategic Analysis
  • I Ching Readings
  • Property Selection and Selling Your Home with Feng Shui
  • Speaker Services for Workshops, Conferences, and Events


If you don’t live in or around Phoenix, Arizona, that’s OK. I offer all my services remotely as well.


I am looking forward to meeting you and to helping you get clarity, achieve balance, and take action at the right time so you can get what you’re looking for!


Keep the Good Energy Flowing!




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