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Justine Hernandez has 9 certification in Classical Feng Shui through the international Feng Shui School Certified Holistic Transformation coaching through Holistic MBA
She combines life coaching with Feng Shui for her clients to make lasting change. She believes everyone has greatness and that you have the power to design your life to reflect your fullest potential. All you need is some accountability and tools to help overcome any obstacles that are holding you back from living the life you truly desire. Your subconscious is the connection between your home and you and if your home doesn’t match your subconscious goals or dreams your home could prevent (‘Block’) you from working and living effectively.
Passion Style Purpose is a holistic life coaching service that teaches through personal experience how to live life not by default but by design. We focus on your environment and how your subconscious blocks are also manifesting through your home or business. By using Feng Shui principles and transformational coaching tools we are able to identify your vision goals and journey to creating more of a life that you love and expresses your Passions Style and Purpose…
Services we offer: 1:1 Life Design Coaching Feng Shui Services House/Business Energy Clearing Decluttering Services Webinars

“Living life not by default but by Design..

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Passion Style Purpose
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114 Riverview Avenue, Portsmouth, Virginia 23704
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