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Karin Hirsch received her Masters Degree in Industrial and Interior Design from the University of Industrial Design in Munich Germany. Her background includes consulting work and employment with several large manufacturers in Europe and the United States where she received numerous awards in design throughout her career and published several articles.

After realizing in 2009 that the corporate world alone was not fulfilling Karin started on a spiritual journey to further study and explore body mind and soul. She began to incorporate alternative healing modalities with the help of a personal life and health coach. She learned how to successfully change wrong beliefs and listen to your inner voice.

Already early on in her life Karin was intuitively able to feel negative energies within a field. She received additional training in the field of Integrated Energy Therapy IET and holds a Master Instructor degree from The Center of Being Inc. where she studied under the guidance of Stevan Thayer. Karin is a very sensitive and intuitive person; she works with her sixth sense and the guidance she receives from a higher realm. Her Energy work is a wonderful experience.

Having been interested in Feng Shui for over ten years and practicing it in her private life Karin decided in 2009 to dedicate all her time to it. She studied Classic Compass Feng Shui as well as Xuan Kong Flying Star with Master Mary Jane Kasliner Founder of Teachching Tortoise School a Gold Level Member school in Ocean New Jersey. Karin also studied with the Sheffield School of Interior Design and Feng Shui in New York under the guidance of R.D. Chin.

Karin is now able to combine her passions in life Design Metaphysics and Feng Shui by creating harmonious and balanced environments.

Related specialties include Interior Design/Decorating, Space Clearing, Color Consulting, Dowsing, Reiki and Energy Healing Modalities

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