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About Me

Kathleen is a certified Feng Shui consultant in the Black Sect Tantric Tibetan Buddhist(BTB)school. She has studied feng shui for 15 years prior to certification and practiced on an informal basis until receiving practitioner certification training with Karen Rauch Carter. She has also studied with Katherine Metz and is a Red Ribbon Professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

Earlier formal education includes B.F.A and and M.F.A degrees in painting and drawing. With many years experience working in museum exhibitions and art archives I honor the value of good design which intrinsically respects people, space, and materials–and no,I don’t aim to make your home look like a museum!

I work with clients to help create their own vibrant and living sanctuaries that support, nurture and further living the lives they deeply desire. I practice primarily with individuals, families, and their homes but also include small businesses and offices.

Related specialties include Art, Color Consulting, Interior Re-design


Company Name
Midwestern Sanctuaries Feng Shui
Columbus, Ohio 43202

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