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Kathryn was introduced to feng shui in 1998. A long career with Decorating and Home Improvements led Kathryn to pursue Feng Shui; a tool that enhanced her life. Kathryn Wilking brings a full blend of knowledge to all her clients and now you. She’s has been consulting for decades decorating using color therapy and space planning.

Are you frustrated with life? A little out-of-sorts? Kathryn can relate to much of these irritants; she has ‘Practical Solutions for Life’ to share with you!

Her Feng Shui story began in 1998 with a new marriage and the need to blend families together. Feng Shui revealed the cryptic messages seen in colors shapes and images that could make or break this new life change. Using Feng Shui principles in her private life led down the path towards business finances and abundance.

Kathryn works with Home Owners and Small Business’ to find harmony in each situation; from setting up an office to finding a compatible partner. She’ll tell you more about the cryptic messages you need to support yourself in this crazy world! – practical solutions for life’s up and downs!

She noticed that many clients were anxious about the future: finances relationships and more. Rightfully so as life circumstances continue to change. She developed a personal profile for clients; showing people how they can maneuver through lives’ challenges with grace and cultivate abundance.

Kathryn teaches others to take charge and seize the day through lively workshops inspiring talks and through publications: a monthly newsletter the Art of Balance and her book ‘Practical Feng Shui for the Office’.

Look for her on VOICE of AMERICA Network Radio early in 2019 on the Empowerment Channel; Tuesdays at 10am PACIFIC/ 1pm EASTERN. On her show ‘Practical Solutions for Life’ Kathryn delivers a short message interviews exciting guests and has specific tips for you to change your life.

Using unique Personal Profiles and other Feng Shui tools Kathryn offers services that personally work for YOU! Such as:

  • Floor plan Analysis and Furniture Placement; that can be easily done over the computer.
  • Face 2 Face Consultations with Skype/zoom calls
  • The Home Harmony package; is an option in any area near where I live or travel. I’d love to visit your space!

Be sure to check out my site www.kathrynwilking.com/services to find the right fit for you!

Her mandate: Life is a Stage; let’s get your space working for you.

~Kathryn is an Author Home Stager and Certified Feng Shui Consultant; a Professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG). Feng shui is now a life style for her.

Kathryn’s first book; Practical Feng Shui for the Office is written for the general public. She discusses: the importance of the Command Position discovering your own Personal Element Building a Team and Finding the Wealth.

Kathryn teaches Feng Shui part-time at Georgian College and is available for consultations in homes and offices. She is available for Innovative Talks at ‘Lunch and Learn’ venues or small group Workshops throughout the Lower Mainland in Vancouver.

‘Get Your Space Working for You!’   ~ Kathryn

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