Katie Chambers began designing office spaces in 1989 with a goal of bringing a feeling of harmony and balance to workplaces. Her mission is to empower clients to shift the energy of their environment in order to support personal growth and create positive changes in their lives. She seeks to develop comforting, inspiring designs for her clients.

A graduate of Western Illinois University, Katie is a lifelong Chicago-area resident. She was educated at the Feng Shui School of Chicago by Laurie Pawli (a student of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, one of the foremost authorities on Feng Shui in the world), and at the Western School of Feng Shui; both are IFSG Gold Member programs, receiving the highest level a school of feng shui can attain with the organization. She is also a Certified Soul Coach, having received certification from Denise Linn’s accredited Soul Coaching program.

Company Name
Katie's Chambers Ltd./Feng Shui Today Inc.
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403

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