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Laurent Langlais is a unique French metaphysician: his mastery of both the Western and Eastern esoteric traditions make him a unique voice and catalyst for the people he touches. His system is include timing, space and your projects by connecting Feng Shui and Bazi. He has been featured as a Feng Shui master and expert in Chinese astrology on: the BBC radio (The Why Factor), Yahoo Experts UK, Bustle, Romper, Mother.ly, Radio Canada, XpatLoop, Kindred Spirits and Medicinal Roots magazine. He have also given conferences for Virgin Money,  The Feng Shui Society, Ozora festival, Connection festival and Occulture.

Laurent went to Asia to learn Eastern metaphysics: Feng Shui Chinese astrology (Bazi) and Oracles from real Chinese masters in order to integrate those powerful life enhancing techniques in his practice. He is a Feng Shui master under the Han Wu San Yuan lineage that is 2500 years old and run on 72 generations of Feng Shui masters as well as one of the world expert in Bazi also known as The Four Pillars of Destiny. On his Facebook page he regularly makes accurate worldwide predictions. His leading expertise made him a regular writer for The Paper in Tenerife DimSum and PrideLife in the UK and SelfGrowth.com. He is currently writing his first self-improvement book.

His unique approach look at how the cosmic Taoist trinity: Heaven Human and Earth shapes us our lives. Heaven is your destiny: what Laurent deciphers through astrology your karmic blueprint in this lifetime. Human is your free will: with the proper guidance Laurent assists you with your life purpose and the knowledge of your personal timing. Finally the Earth’s influence is what the Feng Shui work transforms: your home or business premises can work against you or with you. The amazing synergy of this method answers the Why When and Where in your life so you can be the real YOU and finally be in the flow. Your relationship your career your wellbeing and your true calling can all be empowered by the acute knowledge of who you are what is your timing and designing your ideal living place and style. He is also a celebrated Tarot reader and was invited to speak on the connection between Tarot and the I Ching at the UK Tarot conference.

His clientele over the past decade is in the UK France Belgium Holland Spain Singapore Malaysia Australia New Zealand Canada and the USA where he implemented powerful Feng Shui work on homes and businesses such as spas medical office and restaurant. He has worked for people who want to experience a more harmonious life business owners who want more success and money and A-listers such as a music producer in the UK and the lead member of a worldwide music band!

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