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The look and feel of the interior spaces we inhabit on a daily basis impacts all of us cognitively, physically and emotionally. By continuing to investigate how to integrate these many natural elements into the built environment we can begin to create a Sense of Place.

Our surroundings can determine our moods, our productivity and even our wellness. Through a thoughtful planning process and careful curation, Avalon Lane Studio will ensure that the elements within your space are in harmony and support your needs.

Linda Bischoff is an IFSG Red Ribbon Certified Professional and practices Traditional Feng Shui that include methodologies from both the Form and Compass Schools.

In additon to having studied Biophilia and Ergonomics, Linda has studied Interior Design and is a member of ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario).

By combining these skill sets with over 30 years experience in Commercial Office Interiors, Avalon Lane Studio can help you to infuse harmony into your Home, Office and your Work at Home spaces.

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