Linda Graydon is the principal of Soulscape Alignments. She began her professional life in nursing, focusing on client and community health needs and has over 30 years experience as a Public Health Nurse. This nurtured highly developed assessment skills and empathy for individuals and families experiencing life’s challenges and transitions, as well as strong group facilitation abilities. 

An interest in how home environments support wellbeing led Linda to the Sheridan College Interior Decorating Program where she graduated in 2008 and created Soulscape Interiors. The focus of her business was always rooted in designing spaces that nurture the soul, however, Linda felt there needed to be something more than creating beautiful rooms.  Being sensitive to the energy of a home or building, Linda would often feel that the space was not aligned in a way that supported the people living or working there. Sometimes the flow of energy would not feel right, even if it was the most beautifully designed environment.

Trusting in the journey, the next leg of Linda’s professional life led her to training in Feng Shui. She has taken intensive programs both in Canada and the United States through Master consultants and is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Linda is trained in both Modern (Western) and Classical Feng Shui.

The next divinely guided path led Linda to explore various methods of energy healing. She discovered that although a space can be aligned with the people living there, having unbalanced chakras or energetic blocks from stress, emotional trauma or ancestral patterns can contribute to a state of continual struggle. With this in mind, Linda underwent extensive training using colour and light on the chakras, meridians and acupuncture points of the body and is now able to assist clients clear these blocks as an advanced Colour and Light on the Pathways© practitioner. 

Linda is also a certified Aura-Soma® practitioner, a Reiki Master, and has been trained in Ascended Spaces™. These certifications, along with Advanced Medical Intuition training, further enhance her abilities and connection with healing energy for spaces and individuals. Linda considers herself a “facilitator” of healing as it is the individual who does their own healing and allows the transformations to happen.

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Feng Shui consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you build the life and space you want.  This includes residential homes and commercial offices and businesses as well as Feng Shui landscapes. The core concepts – from the five elements, energy balance, floor plan analysis, even art selection, room use, and clutter issues – can be addressed and enhanced through hiring a qualified practitioner.

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