About Me

I began my Feng Shui journey 20 years ago when I picked up Terah Kathryn Collins book on Western Feng Shui. I fell in love with the Feng Shui principles and began implementing them in my home and life.

I studied Feng Shui with the New York Institute of Art and Design, studied with James Jay attending his Certified Feng Shui consultation class and recently attended a workshop with David Daniel Kennedy.

I have an Early Childhood degree and taught Kindergarten for 24 of my 30 years.

My plan is to teach Feng Shui classes. As a former kindergarten teacher I feel the foundation of a subject is very important. With Feng Shui there are so many articles and quick suggestions for people to implement Feng Shui into their lives. I feel the Feng Shui is a life style, a way to daily look at your environment inside and out and yourself inside and out. In order to make this meaningful, students need to understand the fundamentals and reasons why this would be beneficial for them to encompass into their lives.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of Feng Shui with my students and helping clients to make their homes and offices tranquil, relaxing, creative and productive spaces to live and work.

Company Name
Orchid Feng Shui
9279 Wascana Mews, Regina, Saskatchewan S4V 2W4


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