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Linette Thompson

Professional Feng Shui Consultant

Welcome to your Feng Shui journey.

When you’re ready for positive changes in your life, Linette Thompson will guide you through the art of connecting yourself with your environment. From confirming your personal intentions for growth and identifying any obstacles you wish to overcome, to implementing visualization and placement techniques, Linette’s sensitive approach will help you change your space and improve your energy flow. The result?  Solutions that bring balance and harmony to your life.

Through thoughtful, personal connections, Linette offers:

  • Help in identifying personal growth goals
  • Guidance in overcoming obstacles
  • Intention-focused consultation
  • Space clearing for homes and businesses
  • Sliding scale pricing

Linette is certified through the Feng Shui School of Chicago, a prestigious IFSG Gold Level program. Her teacher and mentor, Laurie Pawli, is a student of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, one of the world’s most respected Feng Shui leaders. Linette has studied cross cultural metaphysics and Feng Shui traditions. In her practice, she focuses on BTB Feng Shui.

Additionally, Linette has gained distinction as an IFSG Red Ribbon Feng Shui professional. This classification is only earned through an advanced Universal Topics Assessment that confirms her exceptional knowledge of Feng Shui traditions, history and core concepts.

Linette’s Journey

Realizing she wanted to transform her passion for Feng Shui into professional consultation was not the beginning of Linette’s Feng Shui journey. As a professional realtor, Linette has been mindfully connecting people with space for over 25 years. From west coast suburbs and beach communities to the urban landscape of Chicago, she has a unique understanding of how your environment can transform your life. Today, Linette focuses on Feng Shui consulting and space clearing while continuing her real estate business.


Thanks to all for listening to my interview on the sister project discussing feng shui! They recap the episode as “an extra juicy conversation chock full of information about feng shui, space clearing, saging and all of ways one can attract abundance and harmony inside their home.”

If you didn’t listen, just go to the following link. Please note though that this is on Instagram and will work best if you are on your phone and have Instagram installed. And please be sure to follow the sister project as well on both Facebook and Instagram! They are awesome!!


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