Lisa is amazing! She has a grounded, balanced nature about her and it shows in her work. She can intuitively look at a space and know how to improve the flow of positive energy. As a client, the process is simple but the effects are stunning! The detailed report she gave me was very thorough and easy to understand, with pictures and ideas for improvements. I was able to pull items I already owned from other areas of the house, rearrange or change out items for a minimum dollar investment but maximum results. In most cases, I would have never thought to make the change or tone down/add certain colors on my own. The visual and energetic changes are beautiful. Much more soothing and relaxed. Everyone that comes into my house says it feels so calming, welcoming, and positive! I highly recommend Lisa! She’s been available and in touch during the entire process. I am beyond happy with the transformation she’s done with my space.

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