I met Lisa through a mutual friend to discuss her talents as an interior designer as that is one of our target markets. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge, professionalism, and insight. Bringing in a Feng Shui consultation for my business is something I’ve always wanted to do – and in this business climate – I am interested in doing everything I can to keep our business healthy so we can service our clients. After meeting with her in person, I knew she was the one I wanted to work with.

Working with her confirmed many things I wondered about and brought my attention to areas I had not seen. I learned a great deal throughout the process. I am not trained in Feng Shui so it was very validating to see that much of what we did naturally was “correct” per the principles and with a little tweaking would bring greater support our other marketing efforts.

Keeping our spaces decluttered and constantly improving them is a regular part of our operations. Working with her helped me to identify priorities. Her suggestions were thoughtful and extended well beyond what I expected.

We have definitely seen an uptick in our business since she visited us – which shows me how powerful this process is.

Our business is focused on helping others so staying healthy is critical. Like many companies, we spend time and money on things like websites, SEO’s, social media. Doing a simple but thorough process such as Feng Shui, with the results and feedback we’ve received, just makes sense to be a part of our ongoing marketing strategy. Why wouldn’t it be? If simple changes can bring large and lasting results – it’s not an expense but an investment that is quickly paid back. And her prices are extremely fair for what she provides.

I highly recommend Lisa Alban and Cloud 9 Feng Shui for anyone who is looking for support in boosting their results – whether business or personal. And the fact that she is a skilled Interior Designer provides a double bonus! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


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