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Lois Kramer-Perez can light the way for you to become one of those exceptional people who follows their dream.Lois travels the world teaching and inspiring people to take back control of their lives after taking her own leap of faith from the Fashion Industry to the World of Self-Empowerment. Through her work with clients she has developed effective yet simple techniques that offer you tools for awareness clarity & balance. She has embraced diverse energy modalities such as Feng Shui Meditative Personal Clearing and Space Clearing as a way of life. Guided by her Meditative Clearing and Feng Shui work connecting with the subconscious Lois continued on to become certified in hypnosis.Lois leads by example come sample the experience!

Lois is a published author and the Feng Shui Expert on pazoo.com. Lois is not only a member of the IFSG but  proudly serves a a General Board Member of the IFSG. Lois is available for consultations and speaking engagements.

Visit her website for a sample of her guided clearing meditations. http://www.loiskramerperez.com

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Mambo Feng Shui
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Paramus, New Jersey 07652
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