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Lorrie Webb Grillo is a Certified Practitioner of Essential Feng Shui® and owner of Thriving Spaces, LLC, a feng shui consulting practice established in 2009.  Her practice includes residential and commercial consultations, teaching live and online workshops, and writing about feng shui on her blog and in her new book.

Her book, Yin Yang and Prosper, How to Create a Thriving Feng Shui Practice, was published in November 2020 and tells the story of her path to becoming a feng shui practitioner, creating and running her business. It’s an invitation to others to create their own heart-centered practices and businesses by own definition of success. It’s available in print or Kindle on Amazon.

Lorrie loves to help her clients set up their homes to help them reach their goals with practical, doable recommendations that they can begin to implement right away. When clients want a report, she sends a digital write-up within 5 days of the consult prioritizing the feng shui actions and includes photos and links to many of the ideas shared during the consult. Her clients find this very helpful.  She offers live and remote consultations.

In addition to providing residential feng shui consultations, she’s helped many professionals set up their offices or business spaces at home and at work including the following:

  • C-level executives (global telecom, casino, ski resort, marketing and advertising, technology)
  • Personal coaches and individual consultants
  • Psychotherapists (adult, family, children, and art therapy offices)
  • Global online educators
  • Financial planners
  • Nonprofit foundation directors
  • Artists, authors and photographers (studios)
  • Retail shop owners

Lorrie loves to teach and encourages participation in her workshops and invites attendees to draw and bring floor plans and/or photos to share. Workshop participants say: “Lorrie was fun, imaginative and informative. She modified to my needs and I learned a lot.” “Lorrie is great and her passion and commitment on the content is very evident.”

She specializes in hosting vision board workshops, live in the new year and on Zoom throughout the rest of year.  Many of her attendees come back year after year.

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you so much for the opportunity to attend your Vision Board workshop! I have not been so excited or inspired about co-creating the life I want for myself in such a long time. I have not used my imagination in that way in a long time and came home and finished my Board. You were absolutely wonderful in leading the workshop and I so much appreciated the context and background you shared on creating a vision board. 

Sue, Workshop Attendee

In addition, Lorrie conducts space clearing, house blessing, farewell and welcome ceremonies to her clients.  Realtors have used her services to help them move the energy in their listings, get showings and close deals.

It worked!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for performing the House Blessing/Gratitude and Farewell ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony and I think it worked.  We received our first offer this last Saturday!  Thank you again!!

Dyllan,  Realtor

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I love to help my clients see their spaces in a new way so that when they move or change something they can physically and emotionally experience that “ah ha” moment, then reap the benefits of having their environments support them to reach their goals. This often doesn’t require the purchase of anything new; just an open mind and the ability and desire to move your stuff around — and get rid of anything you don’t love!    Lorrie

During the Covid-19 pandemic and our current safer-at-home restrictions and requests, Lorrie is offering remote consultations. For more information contact her at

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